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Kaidan Academy App- K A T O, L A U R A by marimariakutsu Kaidan Academy App- K A T O, L A U R A by marimariakutsu
·  App for :iconkaidan-academy: 

The design for this character was from princetrent. She just looks so precious, I just didnt want to leave her lonely~. Hope she can make new friends in this group. If she can get in quq

: Kato Laura

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birth Date:  March 23

Height: 5'2

Weight:  152 Ib

Room #: ???


Ability: Limited Invulnerability

Partner: N/A

Personality: On the outside she looks like a stone-cold toughie when in fact she’s only a quiet young lady who enjoys pastries and a few luxuries from time to time. She is no short in being able to put up a fight as she calls herself proud to be able to handle brawls all on her own. She wishes to be ignorant of her limits though and this gives her the risk of getting herself harmed when she is at her lowest state. She's still learning how to live with her vulnerabilities for her strengths has led her to being misunderstood and feel left out growing up. 

Laura has grown to love winning most of the fights she got into, even if she's against them. She strives to become the best at many of her pursuits and can come off as a perfectionist. She can only show her soft side to a select few, like her most precious kitty in the world, Baumkachen. 

History: Born in Munich, Germany, she and her father later moved back to his hometown right after her mother’s death. She and  Laura got into a car accident and through this, this was where Laura and her father  found out about her powers.  When she was in elementary school, a bunch of bullies pushed her off the top floor and survived the fall. The bullies became scarred continued pestering her until they got fearful of her when they pushed her in the way of another moving car. They kept testing her power until, one day, they decided to fight her themselves and that's where Laura found that she has an initiate talent for street fighting. Fearing for his daughter’s well-being and safety, the father searched desperately for a way to help his daughter. One of the solutions they found was moving out of Germany and returning back to Japan before his daughter started middle school, the next was getting Laura invited to attend the strange school he heard that has kids like Laura there. The rest is all up to Laura now as she parts with her father for the first time in her life to make her own way in Kaidan Academy.


  • time to herself
  • handicrafts
  • baking
  • flower crowns
  • her pet, a really fat cat
  • cakes  cakes, cakes
  • architecture
  • sausage and potato dishes
  • home cooking



  •  messes
  • noisy people
  • brawls really
  • anyone who speaks ill of her father (and maybe even those she cares about) 
  • her being easily exhausted
  • sour foods


Strengths: knows self-defense, injuries received can become unsustainable, eats fast

Weakness: her anemia (side effect to her power), blind in her left eye, fallible stamina 

Relationships: deceased German mother; Japanese father; a cat named Baumkuchen


  • Her powers are fueled by the amount of sugar and protein she takes in, so her blood sugar needs to be high or else she'll bleed profusely when she gets exhausted and her power wanes. Hence, why she eats a lot of sausages and cakes all the time.    
  • Every month, she’ll develop cuts around her body and they will fade from a span of three to ten days (It varies
  • Doesn't gain much  weight since all of the fat goes to fueling her power. 
  • Her bandages are indicators to when her body is weakening from lack of strength (If blood starts spreading there, it       means she needs to rest) .  
  • She holds her talents with high regard but has a low view on her body image because of the cuts that get inflicted        on her .
  • She and her father are very close especially since he’s man who genuinely acts kindly around people
  • Cakes of any kind are her favorite (which was why she named her cat after one ;;;; ) 

Character (c) :iconmarimariakutsu:

Design (c) :iconprincetrent: 
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lmbrake Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck~! (Can't believe you've got another one, ehehe~! :XD:) I hope you get in!

Oh, derp. I see that you have. :P :XD:
marimariakutsu Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(aHEHEHEHE;;;; ANd it may not be the last //shot ;7; )
Pfft~ //shot

Thanks anyway~
I hope Laura here can get along her groupmates then~ ^^
lmbrake Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Asylum-Storage Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
I love her personality omg-
and her design is jhdfjkhsjkf- ♥ (/v\)
welcome in the group ♥
marimariakutsu Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe. Im glad you like her so far
Oh credit for the design goes to princetrent
Thank you~ <3 
Asylum-Storage Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
ohh- no problem ///v/// ♥
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