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1. Nations get to choose their own human names and day when they celebrate their birthday. Some nations think they were already born with human names.

2. Nations calling other nations by their human names or nicknames associating with either of the other country's official name and/or human name can indicate the level of intimacy they have between one another (or the nation just loves to give nicknames)

3. A nation introducing himself/herself with their human name first is still considered a taboo for the more conservative countries.

4. There are several alternate worlds coexisting with the Hetalia universe and each universe is linked to one another. With the Hetalia universe being the main and stabilizing core universe.

5. Whatever happens in the Hetalia universe will determine the fate of the other universes.

6. One of them is the Nyotalia universe. Here, the countries' counterparts are genderbent versions of themselves that have superhuman capabilities. One of these capabilities is using Flags.

7. Flags are not just the country's national flag but also their source of power. They manifest themselves as circles of light that glow in the colors and patterns of the country's national flag [think Fairy Tail].

8. Tricolor Flags often only triple the strength and abilities of their nations. Flags with suns, stars and moons often fire powerful beams of light with Sun Flags emitting the strongest of light. Moon Flags can borrow light from Sun Flags to recharge or make themselves more powerful. Flags with Stars can fire beams fast.

9. In the Nyotalia universe, UN is an organization that works kinda like a guild you'd find in Fairy Tail—member countries have a tattoo of the org's logo as a mark that they are members; fulfill jobs, duties and missions to earn money; train to use their Flags and other unique abilities to help innocent citizens and battle defected countries and other threats to what little peace there is in the world.

10. Another universe works in the same physics as Black ★ Rock Shooter: the inhabitants in this near desolate and surreal world are called Shadows which represent the dark side and negative emotions of the countries. Each Shadow fights another Shadow. The Shadows have their weapons and superhuman abilities to use in battle. When they are defeated, their counterpart's sadness and grief will be forgotten. When they are annihilated, their counterparts will forget the initial source of their grief, sorrow and anguish.

11. All the countries' P2s are their Shadows.

12. Shadows can also be a manifestation of one's past self corrupted by the negative emotions inside of their true selves in the Hetalia universe. They are born when one finally experiences sadness, anger, grief, anguish or fear for the first time and they will reach be awakened when their true selves reach a certain point where they feel the most of the triggering emotion.

13. Here are some Shadows: Tawalisi, Siam, Yolngu, Burma and South Vietnam..

14. Another less evil version of a Shadow is a Spilt. A Split represents an aspect of one's self that he/she rarely reveals. They will look similar to their true selves only their appearance will match the character traits they have of their true selves

15. Philippines has two Splits and each have their own names:Felipe and Clara..

16. Felipe represents the red side of Philippines's flag. This version of Philly uses 'ore' when referring to herself, flirts with girls and beats the living hell of anyone that pisses her or her 'ate' Philly off. She basically hates Spain as well and finds America's smothering annoying. This ore-onna wears mostly red masculine clothing and sports spiky short hair.

17. Clara represents the blue side of Philippines' flag. She's the quieter, shier and more obedient version of Philly. She speaks in a voice so soft; she used to communicate with other people via SMS, before finally using her own voice. She'll only fight when her 'big sister 'gives the command. Clara often wears the traditional costume and wields a walis. When not in her primary outfit, she's in anything blue and feminine.

18. Philly loves singing SO much [Utau daisuki]. She not only loves karaoke but also J-Pop songs. She's able to sing Vocaloid songs—and get the pitch and speed right.

Japan has used this to his advantage: during their friendship day, they listen to her people battle it out by singing their renditions of anime/J-Pop songs.

19. It was when GUMI became popular did she gain the ability to sing like a Vocaloid. Now the nations shiver when she sings Matryoshka (It's rumored to be Russia's favorite song, that's why ^J^).

20. When Philly witnesses some horrific, she'll breakdown and have Trauma-induced Amnesia: parts of her memory will be forgotten.

Some the horrific events that gave her memory loss: late Spanish rule, the execution of Jose Rizal and WWII.

21. The SEA nations knew all along that Philly was their sister. They just kept it a secret because they said "It be better if she finds out on her own."

22. Even if Malaysia and Singapore are often seen bickering, Malaysia is actually more in conflict with his sister, Indonesia.

23. Indonesia is the oldest of the Maritime SEA with East Timor being the youngest.

24. Without East Timor, Singapore is the shortest of the ASEAN. And has the shortest fuse of them all when you mention this to his face.


26. Also…DON'T. MAKE. PHILLY. ANGRY. Not unless you want Felipe to come out.

27.  You might not wanna press Thailand's berserker button either. Wait a minute! It's already been pressed! Don't be alone with him when this happens! You don't wanna Thai lashing!

28. Thailand has a pretty much active sex life. He doesn't even hesitate handing out condoms to whoever's going to get laid.

29. Because her oppressors were men, Vietnam has a loathing for male countries and playboys in general. Felipe likes flirting with her because of this. Today, that hatred is fading bit by bit.

30. Vietnam and Philippines are the most masculine in the SEA neighborhood (they're girls!) with Indonesia being the most feminine—she acts like a mother hen most of the time. Brunei and Thailand come to close seconds (and they're guys!)

31. Brunei was once married to Philly (who was once called Tawalisi). He still loves her, despite having lost her memories about him and having been heavily influenced by Western culture.

32. Philly was mistaken for a boy when Spain found her. It was because her hair was cut short by Lapu-Lapu when Magellan held the girl by the hair and had to cut it for her to escape.

33. If Philly gets a shorter-than-bob cut and hides her chest really well, she won't have a problem passing herself off as a boy. She just needs to be…herself and remember to always use 'boku'.

34. Thailand has been meditating extensively for years to reach the fourth jhana. He hopes to get ESP when he's done so

35. He also has a scar on his chest from the first war he fought With Burma. The scar was made by a scythe that nearly cut him open.

36. Even though he won the battle, he considered the first Siamese-Burmese war a defeat for that is when he was first invaded by a foreign power, first felt loss through the death of his queen  and suffered his first "death."

37. It's because of those wars with Myanmar/Burma did Thailand gain a fear of being taken over. He didn't want any of his people to die again.

38.He was the only SEA nation to never have been colonized, yet he sometimes wishes to have been because he thinks he can truly sympathize with how much his new family  had struggled during their colonial days.

39. Australia's skin was heavily tattooed and tanned before he was colonized by England. His skin is changing back to its original skin color ever since he remembered he was Yolngu and acknowledged his aborigines more.

40. East Timor calls Australia "Papa" when she means "Big Brother". She calls him this when her Big Sister, Nesia is around and she calls her "Mama" when she means "Big Sister."

41. East Timor is such a Ship Tease for Aussie X Indie (not bad for a kid nation).

42. Wy is close with East Timor and even if East Timor is now recognized as a country, she still hangs out with her "Big Sister Wy" and her "friends".

43.  Sealand takes advantage of this so he'll learn what it'll take to be a nation by learning from their "Timor-sempai"

44. Timor-chan just wants to be called "Timor-kun" when she's with the micronations. And she still calls Wy, Wy-nee-chan even if Wy insists she doesn't have to.

45. Wy has the ability to bring any of her creations to life using her enormous paintbrush.

46. Ladonia has a special form of technopathy which allows him to manipulate not only electronic devices but also 'data'—anything that runs on this, he can control.

47. Monaco and Nesia's fave character to cosplay would be Lili from Tekken.

48. World Academy W is a school exclusive only for countries located in Manhattan, NY. The Academy offers primary and secondary education for countries of all ages. There are even dorms for the students to reside during their terms but the students are allowed to find residence in the New York area as long as it's verified by the administration; this rule works for the safety of the students.

Basically, the school works just like any other school YOU'LL FIND IN AN ANIME :D!

49. The classes in World Academy W are: Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Africa and Micronation. Europe is located at the West building, neighboring the North America class; Asia class is at the East building with Oceania class being its closest neighboring class. Africa class is nearest to the South America class. The Micronation class has a building all to itself.

50. The educational systems of each class vary. So do the uniforms.

The school's primary uniform for the boys' are a blue blazer with the school's logo, a sweater vest and plaid slacks whiles the girl's composed of and a short red plaid skirt and a red sweater worn over a dress shirt with a tie.

51. The Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America classes wear the primary uniforms. Asia and Africa have their own. Mirconation doesn't implement a uniform dress code.

Some of the new students will have to wait for their class uniforms to be made and handed out to them .While they wait, they are to wear the school's primary uniform.
Lately, North America class has been lax in enforcing its dress code.

52. Philly wore the boys' uniform while she was in North America class on her first year. She wore a blue blazer and a long version of the school skirt when the whole class found out she was a girl.

53. She will still wear her boys' uniform on 'special occasions'.

54. When a nation is a colony or under the jurisdiction of a nation when he/she enrolls in the Academy, it'll be their colonizer's call on whether he/she will take joint-classes with his/her class or stay in his/her class completely. Example below.

55. Hong Kong and Macau, when they were under England and Portugal, took some classes in Europe class while still taking classes in Asia. Philly was placed under the North America class her whole freshman year when she was under America at the time.

56. Each class will get new kids, new transferees to the school, but it rarely happens does a student country that came from a different class during the previous year come in.

57. The only ones who have are Philly (from the North America class to the Asia class) and East Timor (from the Micronations class to the Asia class).

58. The Soviet Union club was once one of the most influential clubs in the Academy until one of its members got murdered and has been dissolved as a result.

59. The ASEAN club (formerly known as the ASA Brigade) is slowly turning out to be the most important clubs in World Academy W. Over time, the club has been offering aid to much of the student body and the other extra credit clubs lurking around the school.

60. Despite being busy in the ASEAN club, each member has loyalties to other extracurricular activities—Philly is part of the girls' basketball club and the Glee club; Singapore is a part of the student council; Nesia is proud to call herself a part of India's theater trope.

61. Thailand was force on the position of "club monitor" by Philly and Malaysia and yet he's taken the role so seriously, he sees himself as the 'father' of the 'family'.

62. East Timor wasn't labeled as a member of the ASEAN club when she was in the Micronation class. Although, Philly did label her as "junior ASEAN member"—a fancy term for "one with observer status" during that time.

63. East Timor is the youngest and smallest of all of Asia-2. The micronations call her "sempai" ever since she transferred.

64. Micronation class works pretty much as an elementary school in the Academy. The other classes, not this, are considered the highschool of the school.

65. Even if Thailand's the leader of the ASEAN club, he's only a figure head. It's actually Philly who calls the shots with what the club should and should not do.

66. Burma looks younger than Thailand. He's actually older in country years but because he was colonized by England, Thailand is older in human years than him.

67. Initially, nations are immortal but they can still die through human standards. The more they suffer a certain injury, the faster will they heal from that injury.

68. Jose Rizal was Philly's best friend. He meet her when he was eight and it wasn't until he grw older did he notice that his friend didn't age as much as he did and figured out who Perlas (his nickname for Philly) really was . Like everyone else, he first thought she was a boy.

69. It was his execution that first awakened Felipe and now everytime Philly reaches her anger's breaking point, she'll come out. One way of knowing this is to look at Philly's flag. If the red is up, Felipe's out.

70. The longest Felipe was out was from the Pepe's (Jose Rizal's) execution to the Philippine-American War.

71. America is always reminded of his time when he was a kid with England everytime he would look back to his memories with Philly.

72.  Switzerland can actually pull out a gun OUT OF NOWHERE!

73. Mexico has been screaming his head off ever since 2012 came ["AY CARAMBA! End of the
world! End of the world!" he says].

74. His glasses are now on dat ass America's face.

75. Iceland didn't like how World War Z ended.

76. No matter how good England's chef are gonna get, he will never get their cooking-know-how!

77. France is just a perverted banterer—he only flirts with nations just so he can see their reactions and poke fun.

78. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to test his *~WAH~* every once in a while O.o.

79. The Mochis seem like sneaking out and find other nations they can play with while Estonia is busy on his computer.

80. Spain is perfectly fine for Philly to be actively dating. If only the same thing could be said for America.

81. Canada can turn visible and invisible at will, but since his invisibility is based on his emotions, he'll likely be out of sight when he's depressed.

82. He won't get cold and get all gloomy, like the Nordics, when extreme cold hits his house.

83. Belgium is more into anime than Korean dramas.

84. Mochi!America has taken a liking to Philly—turning into a hat to for her to wear when the day's sunny, for example. The reason for this is because she screamed out "Die, Spain!" when she saw Mochi!Spain and kicked it into the atmosphere.

85. Just about every country has caught the cosplay fever.

86. Ukraine will get really tough and scary when her maternal instincts kick into full gear.

87. Prussia is afraid of making the same mistake of accidentally groping a girl again.

88. Not all nations have human names yet. They either don't want one or they're still deciding.

89. Despite being old, Japan still has enough dexterity to do what he did in his great ninja days.

90. Romania is REALLY a vampire and only Bulgaria knows this.

Bulgaria doesn't want to know what a fang on the neck REALLY feels like.

91. Denmark is really close with the SEA nations most notably Thailand and Philly. Everyone's trying to figure out why.

92. One thing's for sure is that they're beer buddies. Yeah…seriously…

93. Russia's closest in the SEA neighborhood is Vietnam. But he also likes Thailand and Philippines—they both treat him well.

94. Belarus doesn't mind if Vietnam is with her brother. Actually, if there is anyone else who should be with Russia (other than her), she would say it would be Vietnam.

95. There are always arguments breaking out in the UN building when the countries get together.

96. Actually...that happens in EVERY meeting place that gathers all of the nations together.

97. Each country has a good level of singing.

98. Don't count in Prussia! Every country has had ear sores listening to his singing.

99. Ever since Germany has found out about other countries' amnesias, weird images of a little girl with a push broom have been flashing into his head.

100. Germany. Loves. Italy. And. England. Loves. America. Period.
I've joined in the bandwagon! Took a while for me to fix the description.

Now it's done :happybounce:
This belongs to :iconx-i-l2048:. I found :iconhotarumitsuki101: doing this so I got myself to do the same :meow:

Explanations to why some head canons ended up like they did:
1.)I am a fan of the ff:
*:icondinosaurusgede: 's Maaf,
*Gakuen Hetalia
*AU (Alternate Universe)
*Crossovers (maybe)

2.) Noticed that they are canon: Thailand, Vietnam and Australia but need more :love:

3.) I want ASEAN to come to Hetalia DX. But when, will they come?!

Head canon index:
1-3, 67, 85-87 & 95-97: Nation know-what

4-17: AU and alternate personality related

18-20.: Philly (Philippnes)-centric [Philly is the nickname I give to my country who’s still OC]

21-41, 66 & 68-70: ASEAN (Southeast Asia)-centric with a bit of Aussie at the side

42-47. Micronation-centric

48-65. Gakuen Hetalia and ASEAN club related (in the fic I’m working on)

73-74 MEXICO !! [What?! He need :love: too. *cough* Even*cough*if*cough*he*cough*isn’t*cough*really canon*cough*yet*cough*]

79 & 84 MOCHI! [those random blobs that you find lurking around Kitayume and around Estonia]

71-72, 75-78, 80-83, 86-87,89-94 & 98-100: Canon Countries

Trivia behind the head canons:

4.7- I believe that there are alternate universes (it's a fact, right?) and I want to see more Nyotalia

7-9- I always love how those circle thingies looked at Fairy Tail. Thought I could use it for my fic. And I love Fairy Tail.

10- Recently been watching the new Black Rock Shooter anime

11-12 I've always thought that the P2s were kinda like the darkened personas in B★RS. (Spoiler alert: If you watch the new anime, its kinda like this.)

13. The names were also the old names of the ff. countries ...before "stuff" happen:

Tawalisi= Philly




South Vietnam= actually this was the side of Vietnam who was anti-communist during the Vietnam and Cold War.

By "stuff" I mean "history"

14-17- I like split personalities [By split personality, think Shugo Chara!]

16-17- Philippines is the only country in the world that can flip its flag upside down and still have a meaning. When the red is above, then that means the country is at a state of war. Since you see the blue part top right now, it means we are at a time of peace right now.

My fave fanfic writer :iconhotarumitsuki101: applied this fact for her Philippines OCs. ^^.

Ore-onna- [link]

18. Every July is Japan-Philippine Friendship Month. One of the ways this is celebrated is holding a J-Pop Anime Singing Contest as one of its grand events.

Well, Pinoys love to sing and anime songs are getting really popular with the Pinoy otakus lately.

19. GUMI's voice provider, Megumi Nakijima (you know her as Ranka Lee), is half-Filipino! Her mom is Filipino and her dad's Japanese.

One of the comment of the Matryoshka in YouTube that made it top was, "Vocaloids become one with Mother Russia ^J^"

20. Spanish rule did give the nation's three islands as an identity of a whole nation. But, like what Spain did to his former colonies [not counting Romano], he started handling them improperly and abused his power over them.

It was the execution of Jose Rizal that sparked the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards.

21- Read Maaf. You'll know what I mean mostly

24-Singapore has a house that's half the size of Hong Kong's. Plus my OC!Sing-kun has an Edward Elric going on :meow:

25- Caning is a common punishment in Singapore. If you chew gum, jaywalk, litter and/or break the other'll get...the cane...

26- May I remind you: Split personality!

27- Thais will never criticize others out in the open. It is only when there is privacy will the Thai reduce you to tears by letting out all the truth about you or all that's worth criticizing on you.

28- SMS is to Philly as Condoms are to Thailand.
Really! I found a site about that. Now...where's the link again?

29-Remember who messed up Vietnam: China (first colonizer), France (second), and America (gunned her, burned her, tortured her during the Vietnam War. Under his bosses' order, of course.)

30- The Vietnamese and Filipinos hold their women in high regard. Vietnam celebrates International Women's Day while Philippines made it to the top ten in the Global Gender Gap Report List for the past five years (the only Asian country to do so)—Philly placed 8th on the last one.

Thailand has Kathoey (lady boy) culture: [link]

And I imagine Brunei to act so shy, people can't help but get the wrong idea. Forgive me, Bruneians

31. I'm not good at explaining this, so I'll leave you with a few history notes:

Here's some proof for the pairing:

You believe?

31-32- There are a lot of Fem!Philippines whose back stories where in this format mines is one of them

Philly's a Bokuko= [link]

33. Jhana is the meditative states in Buddhism. Achieving the fourth jhana is said to grant the power of ESP (clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)

35-37- The Burmese and the Thais have warred for centuries.

The first one caused Thailand his queen; she was killed by a scythe:[link](1548)#Death_of_the_queen

Although the Siamese won, the Burmese plundered, destroyed, pillaged , raped, tortured and did every single bad act to the surviving Siamese.

37- It was with the Siamese-Burmese wars did Siam (Thailand) begin strengthening in modern warfare for it was the firsT time his house was invaded by a foreign power.

39- Luckily, :icondinosaurusgede: has art to explain this:

42- I think, since East Timor still has a lot of work to become a great country, I imagine her to still consider herself as "one of Wy-nee-chan's group," as she would say.

43- East Timor was recognized as a a nation on 2002, making her the first newly independent countries of the 21st century.

In my mind, she still doesn't really consider herself as a country until she can do...what a country should do, I guess.

47- Monaco and Indonesia (I call my OC!ndonesia, "Nesia" )have the same flag design.
If you notice, the colors of Lili's P1 outfit (red and white):[link]

Fanart about the fact:[link]

48-65- Stuff for a Gakeun Hetalia fic I'm working on :meow:

66- Both are really similar, yet Burma was colonized (Thailand, not), Burma is in political struggle ( least he's achieved a level of stability).

Recently, Burma is in a stage of reform but the politicians are really battling it out. politics is harder to get than history

68- Jose Rizal is Philippines national hero (Hehe. Hero). He was the one who gave the archipeligic country the nickname: Perlas ng Silanganan (Pearl of the Orient)

71- America also has a "special relationship" with Philippines in terms of relations.

I'l leave you guys on figuring out what their special relationship is. Have fun~.

73- The Mayan civilization was in Mexico. Should I remind you of what the Mayan calendar says or does the 2012 film (the movie I mean) serve as a better example?

74- America's glasses are Texas. Texas once belonged to Mexico. But that was before America beat Mexcio at the Alamo (what does the Alamo mean, btw? I'm not American, that's why I don't know)

75- Spoiler alert: In World War Z, the country becomes completely depopulated and is the world's most heavily infected WITH ZOMBIES!

76- There's that guy from Hell's Kitchen and he runs one of the world's most renowned restaurants and England stillcan't make a bloody scone taste right DX!

82- The Nordic countries are some of the most depressed countries during harsh winter months. Their people become more gloomy as the temperature affects their emotions which affect the moods of their nations.

83- My Belgian friend is into Korea's dramas, but she said that, compared to my place, in Belgium's house, there's a larger number of anime-loving groups than Korean drama-loving groups.

91. Denmark has signed a Friendship Treaty with Thailand when he was still called Siam. [link]

The diplomatic relations between Philly and Denmark are described as strong, close, cordial and friendly. The Philippines called Denmark a significant ally in its renewable energy resources and wind energy. The Philippines enjoys strong maritime relations with Denmark.

92- Heavy drinkers:

Denmark is Northern Europe's top drinker.

Philippines and Thailand produce some of the most popular beers in Southeast Asia.

Since alcohol isn't forbidden in Catholicism (Philly's dominant religon), Pinoys are heavy drinkers, especially when it comes to beer.

Thailand can drink but he won't always go for the really strong beers. Plus, he won't drink on the Buddhist holidays

97. Just about every character who's made it to the anime have at least one character song and/or has sang a version of either one of the ending songs : Hatafutte Parade and Marukaite Chikyuu

98- Prussia sounds drunk when he sings :listen to HIS Marukaite Chikyuu really carefully and you'll know what I mean! ^^


That's...that's all I have to say.

Man, it took a while, but it's finally done.

I had fun being in the bandwagon :meow:
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HappyAnt21 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like Fairy Tail too. Your headcanons are nice. ^_^.
Pomera-CP Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That Last One XD
eeveeon22 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
75 Don't worry Iceland, that won't happen. Yet.
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting head-canon you have here. =D I do have one question, though. You said that Philippines could pass herself off as a boy if she cut her hair short, hid her chest, acted like herself, and remembered to use the Japanese pronoun "boku." There's just... one problem with that. Unless the whole world speaks Japanese in your head-canon (which is totally fine!), I don't think this would even be an issue unless she was doing this in Japan itself. The official languages of the Philippines are English and Filipino, not Japanese, so why she would even be speaking Japanese all the time is kind of beyond me. But whatever, maybe I misread that. :shrug:
Oh, and Alamo is the Spanish word for cottonwood, but it was also the name of a former French mission that the Texans occupied during their war for Independence from Mexico.
From the History Channel official website: "In December 1835, during Texas' war for independence from Mexico, a group of Texan volunteer soldiers occupied the Alamo, a former Franciscan mission located near the present-day city of San Antonio. On February 23, 1836, a Mexican force numbering in the thousands and led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began a siege of the fort. Though vastly outnumbered, the Alamo's 200 defenders–commanded by James Bowie and William Travis and including the famed frontiersman Davy Crockett–held out courageously for 13 days before the Mexican invaders finally overpowered them. For Texans, the Battle of the Alamo became an enduring symbol of their heroic resistance to oppression and their struggle for independence, which they won later that year."

Hope that helps. ^-^
marimariakutsu Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, the "I" in Filipino "ako" is gender-neutral. "Ako ay si ___" (I'm __)applies to both genders. Well, I imagine that if you render Philly's speech to Japanese, her "I's" and "ako's" will usually translate as "boku's". I know this doesn't translate well in English (Just like it did in Kanon and in the Haruhi novels) but I imagine what I'm working on as if it were in a raw Hetalia ep or comic. That's all. other words, Texas (the glasses) wanted to be on America's face? -_-
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, I see. So you were just imagining what it would be if you translated your stuff into Japanese, I gotcha. =D

Not at first, no. :XD: They actually wanted to be an independent country all on their own, but then they eventually asked to become part of the United States for protection (because Mexico kept invading), and to get out of debt. But yes, they WANTED away from Mexico. America didn't steal them, if that's what you're asking.
marimariakutsu Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
What they did when they translated the Haruhi novels and when this girl had a quirk of using "boku" when she talks to boys and "watashi" or "atashi" when its with girls I think it went like this:
With boys: I'm (Boku wa) Sasaki.
With girls: I'm (Atashi wa) Sasaki.

Well, Philly's found out how hard it is to handle debts and one's own economy when your an independent country
She still has a long way to go -_-
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I see. =D

Yeah, no one said it was easy being an independent nation, now did they?
dinosaurusgede Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, this is interesting :D I can imagine Philippines singing Ranka Lee's (megumi nakajima) song ^^ she's an awesome singer.
you did a great job! :iconbrohugplz:
marimariakutsu Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mein gott! dinosaur-san, you've commented me~! its a dream come true :D

Yeah,ep. Seikan Hikou (that's my fave Ranka song)That song's awesome!
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