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OTPS: ThaiViet, BruPhil, AussieNesia


"…sniff…Kuya Thai…ate Viet's gonna—"

Thailand was in complete shock by what his Filipina friend had called him for. He was sure that Philly was going to call and brag about her cravings finally coming in. He had forgotten that the texting nation would call when it was a grave matter.

He already knew what Philly had called him for.

"Kuya Thai! Hello?! Hell—"

Thailand pushed the button that ended the call, leaving the girl at the other line worried with what tomorrow might hold.


"Ph-Philly," stammered a young man with a hat on his head and a thin ahoge dangling just about his forehead, "Do-don't…don't get so distraught!" He did his best to help a woman of his age get back to her feet.

"I-I can't help it, Bru…," said the woman, sobbing, "I might've…I might've…sniff...made things worse…" Philly couldn't take it anymore; she released all of the tears she had held back since the beginning of this ordeal:

"Ate Viet's gonna go through with the …sniff…with the…," Philly sniffled, "And I don't think kuya Thai will really do a good job at convincing her otherwise…" Her head was shaking feverishly .  

"It's okay—You did your best—That's all." All Brunei could think of to comfort the crying Philly was to press her tearful face against his chest, letting her cry there and stopping her head from shaking so hard.

"Don't cry…Don't cry…"  The Muslim whispered to his love, being extra careful not to hug the woman too tightly to harm their child, the baby inside of her.

"It's gonna be fine," he added softly, "It's gonna be fine."


"It's gonna be fine, love. I'm sure Thai will convince the woman—"

"What if he doesn't?"

A petite tanned woman with a pony tail and a pregnant belly was pacing back and forth in her living room in Bali. The tall, pale man sitting on one of the couches tried his best to stop the woman from worrying.

There was every little success.

"W-Well, we can…we'll be the ones to convince her—"

"Philly already did that."

"W-Well, then, we could…we could" He began to stutter. He was running out of ideas, "O-Oh—we could— "

"AUSTRALIA! You're just talking trash right now—Ow!"

"NESIA!" Australia bolted up from the couch and rushed to the woman who had suddenly grunted in pain. She had wrapped her arms around her abdomen in response to the pang on her stomach. Australia gently soothed the stomach, bulging with their child, with her with soft, mild strokes. Pretty soon, the man and the woman were cooing at the stomach to stop giving the mother such a tummy ache. Nesia remembered she should have controlled her mood swings when it came to Australia.

"Maaf…," shesaid after much time had passed, "Maaf for snapping at you Aussie."

"No worries, mate,"Australia simply shrugged, his hand still rubbing on her stomach. "I blame the hormones, Nesh," the man calmly insisted, before he feigned panic, "They're not only gettin' to you. But also me!"

Nesia couldn't help but laugh. "Didn't you say 'No worries, mate'?" And so did the koala that climbed on his shoulder. "You're that nervous about the baby?"  said the evil-eyed marsupial.

"Mate…I'm nervous about being the father to the boy…," Australia gave a small smile The smile persisted until he spotted the sadness in Nesia's eyes. It was there did he tell everyone present the bit of truth he had always left out. "I'm nervous about him…even if I'll be his dad for only a lil' while…"


The Vietnamese had done well to prepare herself for this:

"You think you can go through this without telling me  ana!?"Thailand burst into the apartment in a blind rage. "Do you think you can really go through with this? VIETNAM?!"

She had brought out her most trusted paddle, in case this happens. She had not been able to use the thing since entering the second trimester. The paddle was still too heavy to lift with her might. So she thought of leaning it beside the fridge in the kitchen where Thailand found her.

"Don't do touch me, Thailand," she warned the man, "Or else!"When asked why, she quickly pointed to the stomach heavy with a precious cargo. She didn't even had to use the paddle.

Surprisingly, Thailand stilled himself. Verbal assault was the next best weapon in this situation.
"Is it true, then? Is it true about what Philly told me ana~?"

"She's told you nothing."

"She told me about the enough."

"She didn't—"

"You're planning an abortion." Thailand let it out, "A—BOR—TION! You're gonna abort our child—your child."

"YES, I AM!" Vietnam screamed with no hesitation, "And who is it to blame after the baby's born and later be taken away?"

Thailand blinked, "W-What are you talking about?"

"Don't you remember, you absentminded man?!" And that's when she got all her fury out. "The reason to why is because you helped pass down that law—that accursed law—that'll get our baby away from us!"

"Y-You mean…," Thailand shook his head, "How did you—"

"I'm a UN member too, Thailand. So are you.But you were a member of the League of Nations before hand, that bloc that first passed on that policy that we, pregnant nations, have to abide to!"

Thailand looked away from the Vietnamese for a bit, unable to take in what he had just said to her.

How could I forget? Everything was coming back to him, How could I have forgotten that stupid policy ana?!


"Thailand…are you sure about agreeing to this?"

The League of Nations was still up and running and it was in the middle of handling what they considered a 'problem' at the time.

"Mr. Germany, you expect me not to come early during meetings," Thailand chided jokingly,

"But one thing you won't see from me is raising my own children—which I'm just going to let go eventually."

And that's when Thailand added his signature to approve of the nation's very own private policy. The policy regarding nation children:

The decree states that, if and if only they are born human, they shall be given to a human couple of the nation parents' choice to ensure the safety of the offspring of a nation.

In short: Any child any nation will bear is destined to be separated from their real parents. The nation child's parents won't be allowed to raise them or to keep them.


Thailand thought at the memory with so much scorn. But that couldn't scale up to the disdain Vietnam was spitting right onto his face at that moment, in their apartment where they fought.

"You wanted this!" Vietnam screamed,"You wanted this!"

"That was decades ago!"

"You were in total agreement to it!"

"I was young! I didn't know I would--"

"That is never a good excuse."


"What's your excuse, then?" Thailand screamed, "Killing the child before the sorrow kills you—"Thailand stopped himself. He had just noticed he left a large red mark across his lover's face. He wanted to soothe the pain—all of the pain he made—away.

"Vietnam…," he calmed himself down enough to try and comfort her, "I'm…I'm so sorry. H-Here let me help—"

"They're just going to separate the child from us, Thailand!" She swatted the hand from him like it was a dirty fly, "They are going to do the same with the others. They're going to separate Brunei and Philly's child from their actual parents—The same will happen with Australia and Nesia's," Vietnam did her best not to cry at this point, not look weak in front of the man who knocked her up,"...Thailand, what good is letting the child be born when we won't be able to raise the life conceived?"

Thailand narrowed his brow and growled at her statement. If he let himself have his way, he would've punched the woman with the already-clenched fists beside him. But he got to silence his instincts and thought of fighting back in another, much safer way.
So after pursing his lips, he snarled, "Aren't you just angry that we can't keep the baby—our baby ana?" It was a much safer way to fight the pregnant woman. But it surely wasn't a less painful one. And Thailand knew that.

Vietnam clutched on the belly carrying the subject of their argument.

"Sh-Sh-SHUT UP!  Shut up! You don't know what it's like to lose family!" The woman looked as if an enormous weigh had been placed on her shoulders, about to buckle her knees.Thailand let her have some peace.

Silence entered the room before the couple allowed some noise in it again.

"Please Vietnam…do-don't…don't do this." Thailand continued pleading, "Don't do it for me. But maybe for you or maybe for her—"

"Her?" Vietnam couldn't believe it. She looked down at her pregnant belly.

"Oh no…No—No, Vietnam," Immediately, Thailand knew he had said something that made the situation worse. He tried fixing it, "M-Maybe the scans were wrong. Maybe the baby might actually a boy and—"


But Vietnam couldn't take anymore of Thailand's sad attempts of convincing her otherwise.

"—gives all the more the reason to abort the child."

She had snatched the paddle near her and bashed the man on the head. Thailand would quickly recover from the blow but it would be some time after he would forgive her for hitting him on the head.

This had turned into Vietnam's chance to leave the man and escape him.


Vietnam ran when she saw Thailand was not completely unconscious. Thailand helped himself to his feet and ran after her. He was careful not to step on the threshold but then…

What the…

…he suddenly froze in place.

I…I can't move…

He could barely move a single muscle in his body. His feet were firmly glued to the floor and all he could move was his head; it could only show him that the woman he loved, carrying the child he hoped to save, walk away from him. All he had left to stop her were his cries, begging for her to come back.

"V-Vietnam! Come back…hic…Come back…"

But only sobs ripped out from his throat. He felt his heart sink and that brought his stiffened self to the floor. He burst into tears when he no longer getting a glimpse of Vietnam.

It's my fault...It's all my fault!, he thought; he had no one to blame but himself. The past sure had a funny way of revealing itself in the present. And ultimately have an effect to everyone's futures.

"Please…don't go!"

He screamed. He still screamed even with all his spirits crushed.


Vietnam still stormed off the building, though; ignoring the man screams, ignoring the pleas…

It wasn't until she had walked at such a distance and had her baby given her so much cramping in her middle that she realized…

...she did not look back.
Note: This story is not canon. Simply just born out of my imagination just by thinking of making a contest entry. Might make a full-blown story out of this, though.

EDIT: Expect some changes once in a while. I realized that the grammar was whacked before I changed some bits then fixed them as best as I could.

OTPS explained here:

Thai and Viet relations: [link] [link]

Aussie and Nesia relations: [link]

Bru and Phil relations:[link]
I always call Philippines 'Philly' and Indonesia 'Nesia'
some quirk of mine


* Vietnam is known for having the most abortions done in the world. These abortions can be done in local hospitals and public clinics. Sources: [link]

* In the Philippines, abortion is looked down upon and is illegal. Being a Catholic nation, abortion isn't seen as a proper thing for a couple to do. [link]

* Before UN, Thailand was a member of the now-defunct League of Nations, a country organizatio, much like United Nations, only it was a failure at trying to keep the peace when it was still alive. (Yeah...WWII happened when they didn't do something about it.)
I won't mention what names could their children add since it' may add some hatedom for the OTPs here. I am just writing a story. I didn't mean to make Vietnam the antagonist here!
Forgive me if I have offended you.

Australia, Thailand and Vietnam belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia belong to :icondinosaurusgede:
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